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第三届网络社会年会-智慧都市网络(IUF)报告人 | 邓东波:我们可以从开放式参与中获得群体智慧吗? 三个公民科学计划的经验

东波是工业研究院特约研究员,亦是荷兰屯特大学地理资讯科学暨地球观测学院博士候选人,他目前的研究兴趣为开放资料、链结资料、知识图谱,近年的著作多集中在链结开放放府资料的实务发展。身为开放文化的宣教者,他从2012年开始致力于台湾开放街图社群的发展,曾在2016年担任台湾开放街图社群理事长,并活跃于亚洲开放街图社群。他目为是台湾开放资料联盟的副会长,不但是数位国家创新经济(DIGI+)推动小组民间谘询委员, 亦是7个政府部会的开放资料民间谘询委员。

Dongpo Deng is a contract researcher of Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), and a PhD candidate of Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation, Twente University. His current research interests are open data, linked data, and knowledge graph, and his recent publications focus on the practices of linked open government data. As an evangelist of open culture, he made efforts to develop OpenStreetMap (OSM) community in Taiwan since 2012, and was a chairperson of the broad in 2016. Also, he is active in OSM Asia. He is currently a deputy chairperson of Open Data Alliance (ODA). He is not only a committee member for Digital Nation and Innovative Economic Development (DIGI+) but also 7 governmental agencies’ advisory committee members for open government data.

我们可以从开放式参与中获得群体智慧吗? 三个公民科学计划的经验
Can we obtain collective intelligence from open collaboration? Lessons from three citizen science projects

个演讲将由三个公民科学计划(开放街图 、空气盒子、路杀社)的参与经验中,分析开放式参与是否能够获得群体智慧。公民科学是一个透过分散式且协同合作方式,开放地征求一般民众参与,以解决科学问题的方法,而群体智慧是指以群众外包方式的协同合作所创造的智慧,有别于专业的或学术的知识。一个开放式参与的公民科学计划中经常有多样的参与者、想法、和资讯交杂,想从这样复杂的环境中淬炼出群体智慧是一个挑战。从开放式参与汇集群体智慧是一连串的跨界与转化的过程,这个演讲将从工具、资料、素养、文化等元素来剖析开放式参与的问题,以及因应之道。

This talk will analyze an issue whether collective intelligence can be obtained from open collaboration on the basis of the experiences participating three citizen science projects (OpenStreetMap, AirBox, Reptile Road Mortality). Citizen science is a distributed, collaborative problem-solving approach for tackling scientific problem through open call. Collective intelligence is knowledge created by crowdsourced collaboration. Such knowledge is different from professionally or academically generated knowledge. An openly collaborative citizen science project often consists of complex participates, perspectives, and information. It is a challenge to extract and refine collective intelligence from such complex environment. From open collaboration to collective intelligence is a series of crossover and transformation processes. This talk will identify the issues of open collaboration from tools, data, literacy, and culture, as well as share the experiences for handling the issues.