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第三届网络社会年会-智慧都市网络(IUF)报告人 | 亚罗米尔:比特币背后:区块链计算系统的兴起与许诺

尼斯·罗伊欧(Denis Roio)又名为亚罗米尔(Jaromil),拥有技术哲学博士学位,是为的共同创办人,并担任该组织的技术长与软体工程师。他的成果获得自由软体基金会的推荐,并广布全球各地。曾领导荷兰媒体艺术学院研发部门长达六年时间,Jaromil于2009年柏林的转译媒体艺术节获颁弗鲁塞尔理论奖;此外,Jaromil亦曾于2012年入选欧洲青年领导计划,并于2014年被欧盟列为目的经济的前百大社会企业家之一。

Denis Roio, also known as Jaromil, is a doctor in philosophy of technology and a software artisan, CTO and co-founder of His creations are recommended by the Free Software Foundation and redistributed worldwide. Jaromil received the Vilém Flusser Award at Transmediale (Berlin, 2009) while leading for 6 years the R&D department of the Netherlands Media art Institute (Montevideo/TBA). He is a fellow of Waag Society in Amsterdam, included in the “Purpose Economy” list of top 100 social enterpreneurs in EU (2014) and the “40 under 40” European young leaders program (2012).

What lies behind Bitcoin: the rise and promise of blockchain computational systems





With so called “blockchain” technologies, consisting of a combination of peer-to-peer and cryptographic ledger software components, today people and organisations have the possibility to “hold digital money in an harddisk”, autonomously validate contracts and administer a network of trust without the need of intermediaries.

At the base of all this there is a ground-breaking technological innovation in the field of accountancy, which is popularly addressed as Blockchain, or “triple-entry book keeping”, or distributed ledger, which powered the first popular crypto currency “Bitcoin”, plus the growing enthusiasm of the financial industry and other industries following.

The “Blockchain” phenomenon configures itself as a disruptive technology enabling disintermediation at a financial, institutional and organisational level. Yet for many is very difficult to comprehend its potential and its limits and its fields of application.

With this lecture I will walk the audience across the experiences made through 2 European research projects, D-CENT and DECODE, both focusing on “Decentralised Citizen Engaged Technologies” and “Decentralized Citizen Owned Data Ecosystem”, investigating the adoption of blockchain technologies and the value of this innovation in society, taking the time to explain in a detailed way what “blockchain” technology is about and what is not.