april, 2018

28apr2:00 pm6:00 pm丹尼尔•罗斯 (Daniel Ross):在人类纪,什么是值得关注的? Seminar 4: What is Care in theAnthropocene?


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The Anthropocene is the name given to the age in which human kind has become the key factor changing the biosphere. The Anthropocene arose from two revolutions of grammatization: the invention of the printing press, and the revolution in production that resulted from the grammatization not of writing but of gesture, leading to industrial machinery, that is, automation. But in the twentieth century, this was followed by the grammatization of the audiovisual in cinema and television, leading to the control not just of ‘producing bodies’ but of consuming ones, and in the twenty-first century by the ‘grammatization of everything’ that is the digital revolution. The combined effect of these transformations is to systematically undermine the processes of cultivating attention and knowledge that Foucault examined in terms of the technics of writing and of writing the self. If we want to cultivate practices of care in the twenty-first century, should we turn our back on digital automation and return to the writing practices described by Foucault, or do we instead need to invent new practices of care with digital technology? What is the future of care in the Anthropocene, when it becomes a planetary problem?


阅读材料:贝尔纳•斯蒂格勒:《Acting Out》,第12至35页,pdf版


电影放映 Screening

电影《伊斯特河》是一部长达189分钟的纪录片,由丹尼尔•罗斯与David Barison联合指导拍摄。之所以放映这部电影是因为其中内容与此次研讨班涉及的诸多议题,以及斯蒂格勒的著作相关,这部电影也是围绕着德国哲学家马丁•海德格尔展开的,其中涉及到一次沿着多瑙河源头直流而下的旅行。斯蒂格勒是这部电影的关键受访者,还有法国哲学家让-吕克•南希和菲利普•拉库-拉巴特,电影人汉斯•于尔根•西贝尔伯格的采访。在电影反映结束后,将会有一个讨论会。

A screening of The Ister, a 189-minute documentary feature film I co-directed, which relates to many of the themes of the seminar and of Stiegler’s work, but which is focused on the German philosopher Martin Heidegger, and which consists in a journey along the Danube River from mouth to source. Stiegler was a key interviewee in the film, along with the French philosophers Jean-Luc Nancy and Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe, and the filmmaker Hans-Jürgen Syberberg. After the screening, a discussion will follow.


(Saturday) 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm


中国 杭州 中國美院学院南山校區 四號樓309