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水越伸 | 没有苹果的媒体版图:学会想象另类媒体基础设施的评判性工作坊研究

第二屆网络社会年会 與會者讲题简介

水越伸( Shin Mizukoshi )

Shin Mizukoshi is a professor of media studies at the Interfaculty Initiative of Information Studies, the University of Tokyo. He has been working on critical and practical media studies to try to defamiliarize and recombine the relationship between media and people with a design-oriented mind. His most recent Japanese publication is “Media Studies for the 21st Century, Revised ed.” (Open University Japan, 2014).In 2014, Mizukoshi started to publish an independent bilingual magazine, 5: Designing Media Ecology, with his international colleagues. The main mission of 5 is connecting critical thought with practical design, and producing a new field of media & communication research.
Mizukoshi Lab:

水越伸 是东京大学跨院创新信息研究的媒体研究教授。他致力于批判性和实践性的媒体研究,力图以设计为导向让媒体陌生化并重新连接媒体与民众。他最近的日文著作是《21世纪媒体研究》修订版(日本开放大学,2014)。2014年水越伸与其国际同仁一道出版了独立双语杂志《5:设计媒体的生态学》。《5》的主要任务是连接批判性思考和设计实践,从而生产媒体与通讯研究的新领域。

Media Landscape without Apple: A critical workshop study for learning imagination of alternative media infrastructures

Since the mid 2010s, the world media landscape has rapidly transmitted and been covered with SNSs (Social Networking System such as Twitter, Facebook, Wechat), YouTube, and Goggle used by smart phones. Those applications, search engines, and devices have already become our familiar and ordinary media infrastructure. Recently, the emerging fields such as software studies and platform studies have developed academic discussion of political economy and cultural studies of media infrastructure.

However, little has been discussed about the learning processes and educational programs developing general people’s critical understanding of them. How to share the literacy of media infrastructure among wide general people? Can experts bodily and really understand media infrastructure as not only technologically but also socio-culturally constructed object?

In this presentation, Shin discuss about the design, practice and evaluation of a media literacy workshop: Media Landscape without Apple, inspired by Ray Bradbury’s science fiction classic: A Sound of Thunder (1952), and designed and facilitated by his laboratory in 2015. In this critical workshop, participants including university researchers, students and industrial experts are asked to do group works to make alternative scenarios of today’s media landscape under the supposition that iPhone was not produced and Apple had suddenly vanished by some reason in the Autumn 2007. The scenarios produced in several workshops have casted new beams of light on the problematic situation of the contemporary media landscape. Shin plans to situate the workshop as a pilot program for building up the literacy theory and programs of media infrastructure.

Shin would like to discuss with international researchers of the conference how to defamilialize the media infrastructure on which our everyday lives exist, and how to connect people’s literacy and expertise.






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