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阿尔菲·波恩 | 超级App歹托邦:香港、伦敦和纽约

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Alfie Bown is Assistant Professor of Literature at HSMC, Hong Kong and the co-editor of the Hong Kong Review of Books. He has written two books on digital media and psychoanalysis, Enjoying It: Candy Crush and Capitalism (Zero, 2015) and The Playstation Dreamworld (Polity, 2017).

阿尔菲·波恩是香港恒生管理学院人文及社会科学学院副教授,《香港书评》的合作编辑。他出版过两本数码媒体和精神分析研究著作:享受它:糖果大爆险和资本主义 (Zero, 2015)。游戏平台和梦幻世界(Polity, 2017)。

The SuperApp Dystopias: Hong Kong, London, New York

This paper returns to the work of Debord and Lefebvre, arguing that while architecture might have been the principle way in which the city was managed and regulated at the time of their writing, today this job is primarily carried out by the mobile phone. Debord famously discussed the ‘pscyhogeographical contours’ of the city, and if such contours exist today they are carefully managed by innovations in app technology, mapping systems and predictive online tools. Discussing a range of mobile features from ubiquitous apps like WeChat and Pokémon Go to lesser-known state and corporate tools like ‘See Something, Say Something’ and Shopify, the paper compares the psychogeographical contours of several global cities. Using a psychoanalytic framework it seems to understand the ideological ways in which our cities and psychologies are managed and regulated in the anthropocene of post capitalism.

本文回到居伊德波和列斐伏尔的工作,提出在他们写作的年代,建筑曾是管理、调控城市的首要方法,而今天建筑的工作已经被手机所取代。众所周知德波讨论过城市的“心理地理学轮廓”,如果这种轮廓在今天仍然存在,那么它已经是由应用软件、图绘系统和在线预测工具方面的技术创新细致管理的。本文讨论的范围从尽人皆知的应用,如微信、宝可梦,到不流行的工具,如“See Something, Say Something”和Shopify,对比了数个全球城市的心理地理学轮廓,用精神分析的框架来理解在后资本主义的人类纪里,管理、调控我们的城市和心理的意识形态手法。