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刘怀玉 | 从日常生活哲学家到后现代都市社会理论家:列斐伏尔在中国的传播、批评、运用与可能的生产

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刘怀玉( LIU HAIYU )


Liu Huaiyu, born in 1965, is a philosophy doctor. He is currently a professor of philosophy at Nanjing University, a doctoral tutor and a part-time doctoral supervisor of the Marxist Institute of Renmin University of China. His paper Development and Exploration of the Critique of Everyday Life – Lefebvre’s Philosophical Thought was selected as the “Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of China in 2006”. In 2009, he was selected as the “National Talent Scheme” , enjoys special allowance of the State Council since 2012.

From Everyday Life Philosopher to Postmodern Urban Society Theorist: The Productive Potential of Lefebvre in China: Dissemination, Critique, and Usage
从日常生活哲学家到后现代都市社会理论家 ——列斐伏尔思想在中国的传播、批评、运用与可能的生产


As one of the important thinkers of the 20th century, Lefebvre’s theories has different destiny, influence and image in different countries, regions and different times. The change of Lefebvre’s thought in China is linked to his personal thought evolution and to the production and dissemination of the French theory in the West, especially the English world, but also linked closely to the Chinese road that is fundamental thing. The spread, acceptance and productive potential of Lefebvre’s theories in China have double meaning: on the one hand, through the concept of Lefebvre to help understand China’s historical reality and problems, but on the other hand China’s changes also help to understand the Lefebvre ideas. Problems caused by the unprecedented size of China’s urbanization need the inspiration of Lefebvre’s inquiry, but on the other hand the study of Lefebvre also needs “Sinicization”, and is ” Sinicizing”.


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