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奈德·罗斯特 | 自动化劳力,平台资本主义与国家转型

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奈德·罗斯特( Ned Rossiter )

Ned Rossiter is a media theorist noted for his research on network cultures, the politics of cultural labour, logistical media and data politics. Rossiter was appointed to Western Sydney University as Professor of Communication in 2011 and is currently a Fellow at the Institute for Culture and Society with a joint position in the School of Humanities and Communication Arts. He was a Senior Research Fellow at Leuphana University’s Digital Cultures Resesearch Lab, Lüneburg in 2016. Rossiter is the author of Organized Networks: Media Theory, Creative Labour, New institutions (2006) and Software, Infrastructure, Labor: A Media Theory of Logistical Nightmares (2016).


Automated Labour, Platform Capitalism, and State Transformation

Automation has a long history. From the “spinning jenny” to the assembly line of car manufacturing, automation tied industrial modernity to the experience and conditions of labour. Automation functioned as a connecting device across racialized and gendered divisions of labour. With the integration and extension of digital technologies into urban and rural spaces, automation is again at the centre of an epoch defining period in the transformation of labour and life, economy and society. This paper addresses processes of state transformation and techniques of extractivist technologies related to platform capitalism. In so doing, it asks the question of political autonomy as it bears upon the problematic of economy in an age of surplus populations.